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Content Management System for Thelemicversicles.info - Thelemic Versicles

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August 5th, 2009

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07:52 am - Content Management System for Thelemicversicles.info
I'm looking for suggestions as to what kind of CMS to use for the the site associated with this project.

Basically, I'd like something Wiki-style except I'm not sure about giving users the power to delete from the page.  I.e. I'd like to avoid any random asshattery.

I've never installed and managed anything but WordPress so I don't know if I can do this with Wiki software (I'm assuming I can?).  I also don't know if there are easier solutions?

Basically I want:

Multiple users to be able to sign up and be approved without a human mod approving (unless y'all have a good reason I should set it up otherwise).

A file structure like thelemicversicles.info/solomon/greater/venus, where users could add new directories and sub-directories.  Said directories which I could move around withiut much trouble if I needed to.

Users add to "community pages" (such as the above filepath example) instead of every users having their own separate pages to post their versicles.  User pages would be nice but arean't strictly necessary.

Security and ease of use are the top priorities here.  I suppose I could do it with multiple-user wordpress but that might get messy?  And perhaps as an alternative to restricting user deletion power, a CMS that backs up every change in a way that won't be a pain in the ass for an English major to access and re-instate would be nice.  Or a technically-minded Thelemite who could help w/something a bit advanced?  (I can learn the technical stuff if I need to.  I'm smart but not all that experienced.)

Suggestions, anyone?

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